UNERODED BY TIME CHINA - Photographic Art Exhibition -

Uneroded By Time -China
Photographic Art By David Curelea

Uneroded By Time -China is a highly-energetic blend capturing the very soul of Artist David Curelea's Photo-Documentary styled Photographic Art vision.

David Curelea (David R. Curelea) infuses his unique signature blend of Photographic Art with 17 works incorporating: Landscapes, Street Photography, Portrait, People, Still Life, Silhouette and Abstract Photography. Employing grain, dramatic contrast and light, textures and form to encapsulate the timeless and vibrant spirit of the place and its people.

Uneroded By Time reveals what manifests itself in the most subtle stream of light, and yet echoes a visual vibe that loudly shouts from the rooftops.

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   @ Ballarat International Foto Biennale
   @ Craig's Royal Hotel - Location details

18 International Awards & Nominations. Melbourne & Ballarat based Artist. More info at DavidCurelea.com