UNERODED BY TIME CHINA - Photographic Art Exhibition -


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No. 12

No. 15

No. 13

Uneroded By Time -China
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Artwork Sizes

Sizes of actual artwork (photo area). For framed works add approx 10cms to each dimension:

Regular Size
39 x 28cm or 15 x 11 inches (As Exhibition)*

Medium Size
44 x 31cm or 17.5 x 12 inches (A3 size)*

Large Size
50 x 35cm or 20 x 14 inches (Large B3 size)*

CONDITIONS: *All sizes include 2cm white space for all sides. A 12mm white Border Area must strictly be kept around image when matting/framing allowing Signature/Print No visibility - for visual-aesthetics and in keeping with my copyright rights. Applies also when using your own framer.

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